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Explore the world of research and teaching at Mines Paris – PSL through our selection of pages dedicated to teachers/researchers. Discover the opportunities that are shaping the academic future at our institution.

    With and through excellence in research, Mines Paris – PSL takes part to the socio-economic world, bringing together all fields of knowledge.

  • 2 transition institutes

    Mines Paris-PSL federates and structures its research forces around major strategic challenges

    2 transition institutes
  • 18 research centers / 5 departments

    The 18 research centers at Mines Paris – PSL are organized into 5 teaching and research departments, corresponding to the five major themes and issues...

    18 research centers / 5 departments
  • Habilitation to direct research (HDR)

    The Habilitation to direct research (HDR) recognizes the candidate’s high scientific level, the originality of his or her approach in a scientific fie...

    Habilitation to direct research (HDR)
  • Earth Sciences & Environment

    The spectacular increase in the world’s population, coupled with the industrial and economic development of our societies, has resulted in exponential...

    Earth Sciences & Environment
  • Mechanical & materials engineering

    Manufacturing socially useful, sustainable objects with optimized properties and multiple functionalities using materials and new materials is a strat...

    Mechanical & materials engineering
  • Energy and processes

    The research carried out by the Energy and Processes Department aims to provide reliable, competitive and environmentally-friendly solutions to the gr...

    Energy and processes
  • Mathematics & Systems

    Robotics, communicating objects, collaborative 3D technologies and virtual reality are all part of today’s digital convergence: the fusion and integra...

    Mathematics & Systems
  • Economics, Management & Society

    Disruptive engineering requires the development of innovative design theories and methods, the mobilization of cooperative ecosystems involving compan...

    Economics, Management & Society
  • Collaborative research

    Mines Paris – PSL has always had strong links with companies. Cooperation between Mines Paris – PSL and ARMINES has strengthened the intensity of rese...

    Collaborative research
  • Chairs

    Chairs at Mines Paris – PSL aim for academic excellence in research and teaching, and innovation for all. A Chair is a project supported by the School...

  • Partners

    Mines Paris – PSL cultivates numerous partnerships and is integrated into networks designed to support the School’s ambitions and offer its students i...

  • The Scientific Advisory Board

    The creation of a Scientific Advisory Board is a response to the need for advice at a time when structuring choices need to be made in terms of scient...

    The Scientific Advisory Board
  • Jobs for young scientists

    The School also recruits young scientists with PhDs or equivalent qualifications for its research activities and to strengthen its strong links with F...

    Jobs for young scientists