The Maison des Mines (colloquially called la Meuh) is the residence for Mines Paris – PSL students. However, it is not just a room but also a living space for all Minors.
Maison des Mines

At École des Mines, all first-year engineering students can have a room at the Meuh. This creates a great sense of cohesion within the whole class and makes it easier to get involved in community life.

Before moving in, three second-year students (the piauleurs) take care of pairing up students who correspond to each other. There is no obligation to live at La Meuh. Some students prefer to find their own accommodation or stay at home. During the first 2 weeks of the first year, students can live at La Meuh to take full advantage of the integration process.

The bedrooms are equipped with a fridge with freezer, microwave and hob for the kitchen area. The bedroom has a bed, wardrobes and a desk. Some have a shower, others are located in the corridor, or even a terrace (for the 3A).

This is where most evenings take place: boarding parties, octos, bieros, karaoke, board games, video games, etc. The residence can also be a venue for sports lessons or certain language courses. There is also a soundproofed music room, work rooms and a sports hall for only €20 a year.

Located just 7 minutes’ walk from La Mine, La Meuh is very well situated in Paris. It’s easy to get around the Latin Quarter and the whole of Paris. To make it easy to get around, there’s a Vélib’ station nearby, at the bottom of the Meuh, and an RER B station just a 5-minute walk away.



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