Mines Paris – PSL offers a unique environment for doctoral studies at the highest scientific level, with close links to the business world.
A three-year training program in a Mines Paris laboratory, offering complete immersion in the academic world and enabling doctoral students to acquire scientific skills while broadening their understanding of the business world.

The doctorate in figures


PhD graduates per year


research units based in Paris, Evry, Palaiseau, Fontainebleau, Sophia-Antipolis


teacher-researchers “involved in thesis supervision”.


CIFRE theses


of women


international students


A doctorate from PSL University prepared at Mines Paris

The Collège doctoral de PSL brings together doctoral schools accredited or co-accredited by PSL University. Mines Paris – PSL provides training through research, combining high scientific standards and economic pragmatism.

The benefits

  • a doctoral degree from PSL University (France’s leading university in the THE and QS international rankings), prepared in an internationally recognized research center at Mines Paris;
  • immersion in a cutting-edge research and innovation ecosystem;
  • access to a wide range of disciplines;




  • access to an international, multidisciplinary research community;
  • a personalized training plan;
    initiatives to promote your doctorate
  • a springboard for your doctoral career;
    access to the Mines Paris alumni network.

5 doctoral schools

Doctoral schools attached to Mines Paris – PSL:

  • SFA – Fundamental and Applied Sciences – n° 364
  • ISMME – Systems, Materials, Mechanics and Energy Engineering – n° 621
  • STIC – Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies – n° 84
  • SDOSE – Decision, Organization, Society and Exchange Sciences – n° 543
  • GRNE – Geosciences, Natural Resources and Environment – n° 39


16 specialty

Mechanics & Materials

  • Materials science and engineering
  • Numerical mechanics and materials
  • Mechanics
  • Numerical mathematics, supercomputing and data

Mathematics & Systems

  • Mathematics & Automation
  • Real-time computing, robotics and automation
  • Mathematical morphology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Control, optimization, foresight
  • Geostatistics and applied probability

Energy & Process

  • Energy & Process Engineering


Economy, Management & Society

  • Economics
  • Management sciences
  • Science, Technology & Society
  • Science and Engineering of Risky Activities


Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Geosciences and Geoengineering

Tailor-made doctoral training

A training plan tailored to your professional project

Doctoral training at Mines Paris – PSL is designed to meet the specific needs of doctoral students’ career plans. The program offers a personalized approach, guiding future PhDs towards careers all over the world thanks to cross-disciplinary and professionalizing training, to meet contemporary socio-economic challenges.

During their three years of research, doctoral students, supervised by a thesis director, are fully integrated into a team and a research center that actively participates in its scientific, contract research and teaching activities.

Enhancing the value of the doctorate

Our doctoral students follow a training program comprising a variety of modules to help them complete their thesis project and prepare for their future career:

  • in-depth scientific or technical modules related to their field of research;
  • cross-disciplinary modules focusing on professional skills such as knowledge of the business world, communication, team management and professional integration;
  • opening modules for a global, interdisciplinary vision;
  • language courses, including English and French for non-French speakers, for effective communication in an international context.


Doctoral admission requirements

To be eligible for a doctorate, candidates must demonstrate that they hold a master’s degree or equivalent at the time of starting their doctorate.

All doctoral students are funded during their thesis. Funding is a prerequisite for enrolment.

To be admitted to a doctoral program, candidates must find a thesis supervisor (HDR) with whom they agree on a project to join a research unit or team affiliated to a doctoral school accredited or co-accredited by PSL.


They can consult the list of thesis projects open to candidates, or directly contact a teacher-researcher working on a subject that interests them, to discuss together the possibilities of initiating a doctorate.

The identified thesis supervisor can then guide the candidate in finding funding for the entire duration of the doctorate, and submit his or her application.

The application must include :

  • A cover letter
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A transcript of grades from previous studies, which must include a research internship (research master’s and/or engineering cycle)
  • At least one letter of recommendation
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Proof of funding


Contact :



After scientific evaluation by the research centers, candidates are selected for interviews with a panel of judges. The purpose of these interviews is to assess candidates’ personal aptitude and suitability for the proposed thesis topic. Recruitment is proposed by the head of the doctoral specialization after approval by the selection panel and the director of the research center.


Registration at the end of the admission process

Registration is carried out online on the ADUM platform, and documents relating to registration and re-registration procedures are available in the resources area.


All about the Doctorate

Visit the PSL Doctoral College website to find out more about the doctorate:





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