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Mines Paris – PSL is committed to equality in all its forms. The School is committed to promoting equality between men and women, combating harassment and violence against women, introducing support measures for students with disabilities and facilitating the change of first names.

A policy of diversifying admissions


As part of its commitment to diversity and parity, the Ecole Polytechnique is implementing a policy of diversifying its intake. Among the P23 class of Civil Engineers, the proportion of women reached 29%, 9 points higher than the previous year. The origins of the students are also noteworthy: 83% come from outside Paris, including 57% from the provinces, 24% from Île-de-France and 2% from abroad.




Notre politique RSE

Combating harassment and sexual and gender-based violence

An in-house listening unit

The Mines Paris – PSL helpline helps any student who feels they have been the victim of sexist or sexual discrimination, violence and/or threats of sexist or sexual violence, whether physical, verbal, written or digital, repeated or otherwise.
The unit’s scope includes

  • prevention: by disseminating awareness-raising, information and training campaigns to its students
  • listening to and supporting (medically, psychologically or legally) victims and taking action to protect them

To report any problems: cev@minesparis.psl.eu

As part of its policy to combat violence and discriminatory practices, Mines Paris – PSL involves its students in prescribing effective methods to combat SGBV:

The PSL listening and monitoring unit

Whether you are a victim, a witness or looking for information, the PSL University listening and monitoring unit is there for you:

  • A forum for discussion and information
  • Facilitating the reporting of sexist and sexual violence, harassment, hazing and discrimination
  • Bringing institutions together to fight discrimination and open up the floor to others

Whatever your status or institution, if you are a victim or witness of situations involving gender-based violence, sexual violence, harassment, discrimination or hazing, contact the Unit.

Professional equality

As a Établissement Public à caractère Scientifique, Culturel et Professionnel under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Industry, the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris – Mines Paris is fully committed to the momentum generated by the November 30, 2018 Agreement on Professional Equality between Women and Men in the Civil Service.

As such, the School has capitalized on the measures it has already been applying for several years on this subject and, in coherence with PSL University, has set up an action plan for professional equality between women and men.

In order to guarantee equal/equitable treatment between women and men, this plan aims to:

  • Assess, prevent and, where necessary, address pay gaps between women and men.
  • Prevent and deal with discrimination, acts of violence, moral or sexual harassment and sexist behaviour;
  • Guarantee equal access for women and men to civil service bodies, grades and jobs;
  • Promote work-life balance.

See the action plan

Mines Paris – PSL has a gender equality officer. The School promotes professional equality between women and men for all its staff and students.
The person in charge of gender equality can be contacted for all questions relating to gender equality and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Contact: referente-egalite@minesparis.psl.eu

Support for students with disabilities and other special needs

Mines Paris – PSL is firmly committed to offering specific and inclusive support to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities or any other situation requiring special attention. These measures are designed to provide students with personalised support throughout their academic career, thereby promoting their integration and development within the institution.

Contact: sylvain.bitbol@minesparis.psl.eu

Requesting a change of first name in use


A unified procedure allows PSL students who so wish to use their customary first name during their years of study at the university.

This is possible even if the change has not yet been recorded at the registry office. The used first name will be used on administrative documents.


More information on the PSL website


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