Knowledge sharing

A cross between academic rigour and scientific mediation, the knowledge-sharing approach of Mines Paris – PSL presents its research by making it accessible to the general public, combining expertise and curiosity to enlighten minds.

Scientific outreach occupies a central place at Mines Paris – PSL, acting as a powerful catalyst for sharing knowledge, engaging the public and strengthening mutual understanding between the scientific community and society. In a world where research and innovation are shaping our future, the importance of scientific outreach at Mines Paris – PSL is crucial, both to disseminate scientific advances and to inspire future generations.


Mineralogy Museum

The mineralogical collections at Mines Paris – PSL are among the most comprehensive and spectacular in the world.

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The library holds around 200,000 physical documents and over 200 million documents online.

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Presses des Mines

These books are aimed at specialists, but are also working tools for a wider audience.

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    With and through excellence in research, Mines Paris – PSL takes part to the socio-economic world, bringing together all fields of knowledge.