The Presses des Mines

The Presses des Mines, in close collaboration with researchers at Mines Paris – PSL, is offering a new publishing solution tailored to high-level scientific work which, all too often, has not been published due to small print runs.

Facilitating the publication of scientific works and disseminating knowledge to a wide audience

These books are aimed at specialists, but are also interesting working tools for a wider audience, with the aim of using clear, popularised language.

Created in 1995 at the instigation of the École des Mines de Paris, Les Presses des Mines has since opened its doors to all high-quality scientific authors. Today, the primary objective of Presses des Mines is to facilitate the publication of works of a high scientific level, whatever the academic origin of their authors, and to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge to a wide audience.

Manuscripts are selected by an editorial committee made up of more than twenty members: teachers or researchers from Mines Paris – PSL and the various Mines schools, editors and communicators. Each project is then examined by internal or external specialists in the various scientific fields. This process of successive assessments guarantees the scientific and technical quality of each publication. Publication gives scientists unprecedented visibility to a wide and international audience.


Distributed by GEODIF and distributed by SODIS (Gallimard group), Les Presses des Mines has formed a number of partnerships that help to increase the visibility of its publications. Part of their online catalogue is available on  OpenEdition Books et Cairn.

In addition to ‘classic’ works, Presses des Mines also publishes conference proceedings and provides services for specific collections, such as those of the ‘think tank’ La Fabrique de l’Industrie and the Académie d’Agriculture.


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