Habilitation to direct research (HDR)

The Habilitation to direct research (HDR) recognizes the candidate’s high scientific level, the originality of his or her approach in a scientific field, his or her ability to master a research strategy in a sufficiently broad scientific or technological field, and his or her capacity to supervise young researchers.
In particular, it qualifies candidates for admission to the corps of university professors.

Admission requirements

Doctoral specialties

Candidates internal and external to Mines Paris – PSL may submit their HDR insofar as they belong to one of the doctoral specialties represented at the School below. They will receive an HDR diploma from Université PSL, presented within Mines Paris – PSL.

  • Geosciences and geoengineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Geostatistics and applied probability
  • Real-time computing, robotics and automation
  • Mathematics and automation
  • Mathematical morphology
  • Science and engineering of hazardous activities
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Economics
  • Management sciences
  • Science, technology and society
  • Numerical mathematics, supercomputing and data
  • Numerical mechanics and materials
  • Control, optimization and forecasting


Whatever their doctoral specialty, candidates must demonstrate the following in their application:

  • have significant experience in supervising PhD students and students on laboratory research projects;
  • have a significant scientific output, both in terms of quality and quantity;
  • significant involvement in teaching activities in Master’s degree programs;
  • have a well-defined research project;
  • have proven national and international scientific collaborations and industrial
  • partnerships (co-publications, patents, etc.);
  • be trained as a supervisor.

The evaluation of these criteria for registration is at the discretion of the specialty managers.

Contact : hdr@minesparis.psl.eu




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