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A public contract is a contract concluded for valuable consideration between a public or private purchaser and an economic operator. It may concern works, supplies or services.

Contracts are awarded in accordance with the award procedures laid down by the Code de la Commande Publique (Public Procurement Code) resulting from Order no. 2018-1074 of November 26, 2018 and Decree no. 2018-1075 of December 3, 2018. Mines Paris-PSL, as a public establishment of the French State, is a contracting authority subject to public procurement regulations.
Equality of treatment, freedom of access to public procurement and transparency of procedure are the 3 fundamental principles that are respected in all public procurement procedures. These principles are designed to ensure the proper use of public funds and the efficiency of public procurement, in accordance with Article L3 of the French Public Procurement Code.


All Mines Paris-PSL tenders are available on the platform.

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