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    Backed by its 18 research centers and 230 teacher-researchers, as well as the strength of its network of partners and professional experts, Mines Pari...

  • Civil Engineering Master’s Degree

    For Mines Paris – PSL, training in 21st century engineering means preparing its graduates to become key players in sustainable, social and human devel...

    Civil Engineering Master’s Degree
  • Specialty Engineering master’s degree

    Mines Paris – PSL trains future engineers to design, install, operate and maintain energy installations, including renewable energies and the best ava...

    Specialty  Engineering master’s degree
  • Masters

    Mines Paris – PSL contributes to the 12 master’s degrees offered by Université PSL, and directly operates the Energy master’s program. Immersed in the...

  • Specialized Masters

    Backed by its 18 research centers and 230 teacher-researchers, as well as by the strength of its network of partners and professional experts, Mines P...

    Specialized Masters
  • Doctorate

    Mines Paris – PSL offers a unique environment for doctoral studies at the highest scientific level, with close links to the business world. A three-ye...

  • Corps des Mines

    The Corps des Mines is an interministerial senior technical management body reporting to the Minister for the Economy. The Corps des Mines is the resu...

    Corps des Mines

    Mines Paris – PSL promotes and reinforces the development of an open and committed entrepreneurial and innovation culture among students, young alumni...

  • International mobility

    Mines Paris – PSL is a partner of around a hundred universities around the world. Through study trips or international assignments, internships and ga...

    International mobility

    Following the call for applications for the renewal of Erasmus charters, Mines Paris – PSL has been awarded a new ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Edu...

  • Library

    The library, which has been part of École des Mines since its earliest days, holds around 200,000 physical documents and over 200 million documents on...


    Discover the world of Mines Paris – PSL, where learning, creativity and social life come together. From the wealth of clubs and associations to the or...

  • Campus

    Mines Paris – PSL has 5 sites in France. In 2025, an innovation campus will open in Versailles-Satory.

  • Clubs and cultural life

    Mines Paris – PSL is part of a rich and dense ecosystem. A pilot player in the PSL University, it is also fully integrated into the network of major i...

    Clubs and cultural life
  • Sports

    Located in the heart of Paris, Mines Paris – PSL offers its students a wide range of sporting activities thanks to the PSL establishment network.

  • Accommodation

    The Maison des Mines (colloquially called la Meuh) is the residence for Mines Paris – PSL students. However, it is not just a room but also a living s...

  • Equality Diversity Inclusivity

    Mines Paris – PSL is committed to equality in all its forms. The School is committed to promoting equality between men and women, combating harassment...

    Equality Diversity Inclusivity
  • Health

    Mines Paris – PSL implements a proactive policy of health prevention, whether physical and/or psychological, thereby helping to create an educational ...