A strategy to meet the major challenges of our time

To increase its visibility and capitalise on PSL as an accelerator of its ambitions, Mines Paris – PSL has updated its strategic plan for 2022, which was adopted in 2017. This update supports students’ ever-growing quest for meaning, while fully integrating the School into its ecosystem.
Affirmer une stratégie pour répondre aux grands défis de notre temps

Based on an open and participative methodology that brought together 350 participants (staff, students, alumni, partners) around 13 workstreams and 4 co-design workshops, led by project leaders – Research Professors, Heads of Research Centres or members of the Executive Committee – this project enabled the plan to be restructured around 5 strategic goals:


Promoting the commitment of   Mines Paris – PSL engineers to social issues

  • increase strudent enrolment by diversifying recruitment pathways, in line with Université PSL’s strategy;
  • develop graduates’ ability to work in multicultural environments;
  • ntensify equal opportunity programs  with Université PSL;
  • launch an equal gender teaching chair supported by the Mines Paris Foundation to promote science among women and prevent sexual and gender-based violence;
  • link research and teaching, to provide better support for engineering students wishing to pursue doctoral studies, thanks to PSL’s graduate programs;
  • enhance the value of student life in the pedagogical project;
  • deploy IT solution for student work environments;
  • offer lifelong learning.


Play a decisive role in collective mobilization towards a carbon-neutral world

  • make the TTI.5 institute a vehicle for internal mobilization, towards students and researchers, and external mobilization;
  • strengthen the School’s position in society, with a posture of openness, knowledge-sharing and foresight, so that it becomes a platform for discussions and meetings on the road to a carbon-neutral world, thanks to “The Transition Institute 1.5” – TTI.5.


Positioning the benefits of digital transition to serve society

  • design a reference structure on the theme of digital transformation for industry, to position research at the service of the companies digital transformation;
  • support research of excellence that exploits advanced mathematical and numerical tools to meet industrial challenges;
  • develop differentiating and attractive training programs;
  • participate in the dissemination of knowledge.


Cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, as creator of wealth and competitiveness, by playing an active role in local communities.

  • disseminate and reinforce the development of an open and committed entrepreneurial culture among students, young alumni and teacher-researchers;
  • build on new teaching methods linked to entrepreneurship for the Civil Engineer program;
  • promote research through the creation of spin-offs and start-ups, by strengthening the pre-incubation program at Mines Paris – PSL;
  •  be a key player in the innovation ecosystems of Sophia-Antipolis, Versailles-Satory and Paris.


Deploy a harmonized, clear and transparent human resources policy

  • attract  talents by offering applicants opportunities and attractive career paths (international and internal mobility within Univerité PSL, support, training, wages);
  • have a clear and attractive wages policy in line with our ambitions for excellence, and promote the specificity of our business model.

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