Supporting ecological and digital transitions

Since it was founded 240 years ago, Mines Paris – PSL has been training engineers and producing essential knowledge to help companies meet the challenges of their time. Originally those of mining to produce the energy needed for the great industrializations, today those of ecological transitions and digital transformations.

A founding member of Université PSL, Mines Paris – PSL is a leading French engineering school, and the leader in research partnerships.

Training committed engineers

Since it was founded in 1783, Mines Paris – PSL has been training top-level engineers capable of solving complex problems in a wide variety of fields.

Thanks to its generalist positioning, Mines Paris – PSL is developing an innovative, multi-disciplinary educational experience, in which Engineering Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences are closely linked.
This dual culture is further strengthened by our membership of PSL, a real opportunity to enrich our career paths.

Graduates of Mines Paris – PSL are able to conduct collective and intercultural projects with a strong international, social and disciplinary dimension in their professional activities, particularly in the corporate world.

A major multidisciplinary research institution

With and through excellence in research, Mines Paris – PSL provides concrete solutions and, in particular, carries out large-scale projects in support of the energy, ecological and digital transitions, thanks to a systemic and multidisciplinary approach that places engineers at the heart of public debate and decision-making. It’s a way of combining the quest for meaning with the creation of value for companies and society.

As a driving force behind the innovation ecosystems in which the School and its research centers are located, Mines Paris – PSL cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit that creates value and competitiveness, facilitating the emergence of innovative projects between players in its local environments.

Key Figures


  • 1500 students, 1/4 international
  • 200 civil engineers graduate each year / 25 specialty engineers
  • 16 Corps des Mines trainees (major state technical corps)
  • 100 PhD graduates per year
  • 120 partner universities worldwide
  • 30 double-diploma engineering agreements


  • 230 research professors, 15% international
  • 17 research centers
  • 5 academic departments
  • 480 A-rank articles or books published each year
  • 2 Nobel Prize
  • 4 ERC Grants

Serving the economy

  • 1st French school by volume of contract research
  • 200 partners in industry and services
  • 20 research and teaching or industrial chairs
  • XX start-ups created in the last 5 years
  • 4 unicorn companies listed in the French Tech Next 40


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