Specialty Engineering master’s degree

Mines Paris – PSL trains future engineers to design, install, operate and maintain energy installations, including renewable energies and the best available techniques in the building and industry sectors. This energy engineering course is available as an apprenticeship. It is open to young people under 30 with a 2-year higher education qualification. The Energy engineering course can also be taken as part of continuing education.

Une formation professionnalisante

The ISUPFERE association was set up in 1992 with the aim of enabling people from BTS/DUT courses to gain access to the title of engineer after gaining professional experience in energy-related fields.

It is the fruit of a partnership between 3 higher education establishments: the Ecole des Mines de Paris (Mines Paris – PSL), the CNAM and the Université Paris Cité, as well as the Groupe Technique Maximilien Perret, all of which have joined forces to offer engineering training.

The success of this historic collaboration is based on the complementary resources of the associated institutions:

  • Mines Paris – PSL, with its expertise in engineering methods and energy modelling
  • CNAM, with its expertise in refrigeration thermodynamics and electrical engineering, among other fields
  • Université Paris Cité, with its expertise in general physics and electronics and regulation
  • Lycée Maximilien Perret, with its experimental platforms

The course is characterised by close collaboration between the learning provided in the academic environment and that acquired in the professional field, with in particular the completion of projects directly stemming from the company’s activity. Dual supervision provided by an apprenticeship master and an academic tutor. The diploma is awarded by PSL University, and this programme is an integral part of PSL’s Graduate Programme in Engineering (ISAI), prepared at Mines Paris – PSL.

The ISUPFERE Board of Directors

  • Associated establishments mentioned above
  • GIM – Metallurgical Industries Group
  • FEDENE – Federation of Energy and Environment Services
  • UMGCCP – Union of HVAC, Roofing and Plumbing Trades
  • SERCE – Union of electrical and HVAC engineering companies
  • SYNTEC Ingénierie – Federation of engineering professionals

The aim of the course

The aim of the course is to develop a wide range of skills:

  • design, analyse and operate energy installations, drawing on the knowledge and scientific and technical resources of the engineer
  • provide energy expertise
  • identify needs and translate them into technical specifications. Managing complex projects
  • manage projects, industrial sites and teams by integrating corporate and social issues
  • develop self-assessment and communication skills in a professional and international context


The specialised engineering course in Energy – apprenticeship training (FA)

The course alternates between the school and the company. The periods spent in the company play a fundamental role in the training programme, enabling the apprentice to acquire working methods and professional skills relating to the organisation of projects, the transmission of information, management and the less technical aspects of the engineering profession.

The role of the apprenticeship masters and school tutors in the training programme is to support the apprentice in this personal process, guiding them and drawing on their experience to help them conceptualise their knowledge. From the apprentice’s point of view, this means writing a number of reports and dissertations, which are all milestones in their apprenticeship and will lead them to the engineering profession.

The engineering cycle specialising in Energy – continuing education (FC)

The ISUPFERE energy engineering degree course is open to continuing education students and those wishing to validate their professional experience (VAP). It leads to the award of an engineering degree from Mines Paris – PSL, specialising in energy, under an agreement with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in partnership with ISUPFERE.




Partner companies

Among the partner companies that have taken on or hired ISUPFERE graduates are :


Aéroports de Paris, AIRBUS, Air Liquide, ALDES, ARTELIA, Assistance publique – Hopitaux de Paris,  EDVANCE, EQUANS,  Balas, BETEC, BNP Paribas, BOUYGUES Energie Services,  CEA, DAIKIN, Dalkia,  Degrémont, DGA, EDF, EIFFAGE, ENGIE, ENEDIS, Essilor,  FRAMATOME, GRdF, GRT Gaz, Honeywell, Ingerop, Johnson Controls,  PSA,  Renault,  RTE, SAFRAN, Sanofi-pasteur, SPIE, Schlumberger, Schneider Electric,SIEMENS, SNCF, STORENGY,, Tunzini, Valeo, Veolia, Vinci ….


Practical information

Formation ISUPFERE – Secrétariat
Mines Paris – PSL
60, bd Saint Michel
75272 PARIS Cedex 06

Phone : 01 40 51 91 84

Contact :


HSE Coordinator

If you are likely to have difficulty accessing training because of a disability, please contact our HSE/Disability Officer before starting training:

Sylvain BITBOL


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