Carrer opportunities

Career opportunities in the fields of the future

  • Industrial Fluids and Energy, Industrial Environment;
  • Energy and building;
  • Thermal plant operation and maintenance;
  • Management of energy production and waste treatment units;
  • Automation of industrial and tertiary processes.

The ISUPFERE Energy engineering program at Mines Paris- PSL trains specialized engineers

  • to work on the entire chain of Fluid and Energy technical installations in industry and building: from design to renovation, including management/maintenance, applying quality and environmental protection methods;
  • mastering innovative processes in energy efficiency, renewable energies, technical management optimization and distributed information systems.

This training enables senior technicians to take up positions as

  • technical services, works, maintenance and environment managers at large sites ;
  • fluids and utilities” or “fluids and environment” engineer, responsible for fluid quality and environmental impact (air and ambient quality, discharge and effluent treatment, waste management);
  • project engineer, from design to acceptance of work;
  • energy efficiency engineer.
  • Specialty Engineering master’s degree

    Mines Paris – PSL trains future engineers to design, install, operate and maintain energy installations, including renewable energies and the best ava...

    Specialty  Engineering master’s degree
  • Energy engineering degree : the curriculum (FA)

    The training begins with a 6-month “harmonization”, a period of refresher training. This is followed by a 2-year engineering curriculum, leading to th...

    Energy engineering degree : the curriculum (FA)
  • The specialized Energy engineering degree in continuing education (FC)

    The ISUPFERE energy engineering speciality is accessible through continuing education and validation of professional experience (VAP). The qualificati...

    The specialized Energy engineering degree in continuing education (FC)
  • Admission to continuing education courses (FC)

    The energy engineering programme is aimed at senior technicians with an undergraduate degree (B.T.S., D.U.T. or equivalent) in scientific and technica...

    Admission to continuing education courses (FC)
  • Admissions (FA)

    The course is open to candidates aged under 30 when they sign the apprenticeship contract and holding an undergraduate diploma (DUT, Classes Prépa, Li...