Civil Engineering Master’s Degree

For Mines Paris – PSL, training in 21st century engineering means preparing its graduates to become key players in sustainable, social and human development and to become entrepreneurs of digital transformation, both in France and internationally.
To enter the industrial or service sectors, develop a start-up or embark on a research career, engineering students at Mines Paris – PSL must be able to anticipate, foresee and adapt, in order to meet the major societal and technological challenges of their time.

Active teaching

Building on its tradition of pedagogical innovation, Mines Paris – PSL has upgraded its Civil Engineering program for the start of the 2019/2020 academic year, strengthening its scientific and generalist foundation in the following areas:

  • more theoretical and practical teaching on two major challenges facing engineers in the 21st century: the climate transition and the digital transition;
  • a modular curriculum from the second year onwards, to encourage mobility and double diplomas within Université PSL and abroad;
  • multidisciplinary engineering projects (from design to prototyping) based on learning by doing.
  • training through research by immersion, for one term, in one of the School’s 17 research centers or in one of the laboratories of Université PSL;
  • the creation of an Entrepreneurship Week in the 1st year, to give engineering students an insight into the new components of the economic environment;
  • the strengthening of soft skills, language activities and the exploration of creative links between the Arts and Sciences.


An evolving 3-year curriculum combining theory and practice

Aspiring, in keeping with its motto, to train engineers who know how to combine “Theory and Practice”, the curriculum at Mines Paris – PSL offers, on the one hand, high-level scientific courses taught by professors close to both the world of research and business, and on the other hand, a large number of open courses in economics, humanities and social sciences.
The program places particular emphasis on immersive field experience and project-based teaching.


Everything is done to ensure that each student finds the right place according to his or her needs and desires.


Each semester is structured into a Teaching Unit (TU), which groups together several Constituent Elements (CE): courses, projects or internships.

The TUs and CEs are valued in ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) credits, which estimate the total workload (lectures, tutorials, practical work and personal work) required by a student engineer to master the learning outcomes of an CE or TU (set of targeted knowledge, skills and competencies).



3 years of scientific excellence

Join a generalist training program of the highest scientific level, in a human-sized class in the heart of the Latin Quarter

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