Mines Paris – PSL cultivates numerous partnerships and is integrated into networks designed to support the School’s ambitions and offer its students innovative, first-rate programmes.

A network of expertise at the service of collaborative research

The activities of Mines Paris – PSL are supported by a network of partners who bring their expertise to bear in managing research contracts, structuring cross-disciplinary projects and promoting research.

The Mines Paris Foundation

The Mines Paris Foundation was created in 1946 at the instigation of the mining, minerals and metallurgy industries in the context of post-war reconstruction. It was recognized as a charitable organization in 1947.

Its mission is to share and support the School’s strategic ambitions in the transition to a carbon-neutral world and digital transformations. To this end, it mobilizes funding to support projects that benefit students, heritage, entrepreneurship and research, all with a view to sustainable development.


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Mines Paris Alumni

The Alumni Association, founded in 1864, brings together 17,000 graduates of the Corps des Mines, civil or specialties engineers, , specialized Masters and doctorates.

The Association is active in four areas:

representing all École des Mines alumni;
helping alumni with accommodation ;
supporting the work of the École’s management;
contributing to the promotion of science and technology.


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    Supporting ecological and digital transitions Since it was founded 240 years ago, Mines Paris – PSL has been training engineers and producing essentia...