2 transition institutes

Mines Paris-PSL federates and structures its research forces around major strategic challenges


The Transition Institute 1.5

Playing a decisive role in collective mobilization

To meet the challenges of a transition to a carbon-neutral world, Mines Paris – PSL and The Transition Institute 1.5 (TTI.5) are leading ambitious research, development and international collaboration projects aimed at providing concrete answers to the planet’s imbalances.

In this way, Mines Paris – PSL leads broad-spectrum projects, changing systems of thinking by integrating a wide range of knowledge, skills and opinions, drawing on engineering sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences, citizen consultation, industry experience and the sensitivity of public decision-making.

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Institut des Transformations Numériques

Placing the benefits of digital transition at the service of society

A major source of innovation, questioning and reinvention of practices, the digital revolution is overturning the way our society functions, and profoundly transforming our economic fabric.

Mines Paris-PSL’s project-oriented approach places our research into the digital transition at the heart of interactions between trades, teaching and the business world.

Our mastery of physical systems, underpinned by a high-level practice of applied mathematics and combined with the excellence of research carried out jointly within PSL, gives us the ability to analyze and exploit data through innovative software, at the service of industry, health and creation.


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