Mines Paris & Albert School joint degrees

Mines Paris-PSL et Albert School s’unissent pour proposer des diplômes de spécialité conjoints, de niveau Bachelor (bac+3) et Master (Bac+5), en sciences des données et management. Les deux établissements partagent des valeurs communes : celles de former des diplômés capables d’accompagner les entreprises face aux grands enjeux de leur temps, et en particulier ceux de la transformation digitale.

Shared values

At the root of the Mines Paris – PSL /Albert School joint degrees lies a mission shared by both establishments: to train students who are as close as possible to the needs of companies in order to meet the major technological and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Theory and practice

The approach favored by Mines Paris – PSL since its creation, expressed in its motto “Theory and Practice”, is also at the heart of Albert School’s raison d’être. This common foundation is expressed in courses designed around dual skills in the sciences and social sciences, enabling the training of professionals capable of bridging the gap between technology and business management. The two establishments also share a common culture of innovation and pedagogy, making them highly agile in adapting to changes in knowledge and techniques.

Excellence and benevolence

Mines Paris – PSL and Albert School are committed to combining excellence in training with an open and caring approach, making them institutions where the quality of student life is acclaimed by students. Both schools are committed to policies of inclusion, social diversity and gender parity. The partners’ stated objective is to achieve 30% scholarship-holders and gender parity for all joint courses.



This partnership with Albert School is an illustration of Mines Paris – PSL’s ability to innovate in order to fulfill the mission that has driven the School since its creation: to train graduates capable of helping companies face the major challenges of their time.

Frédéric Fontane, Delegate director, in charge of Education

Mines Paris – PLS affirms its strategy in favor of ecological and digital transitions. At a time when data processing is profoundly transforming the economy, we are convinced that the joint degree with Albert School will provide companies with essential skills.

Grégoire Genest, CEO Albert School

The Bachelor

  • High-level, multidisciplinary training combining mathematics, data science, management and the humanities.
  • A strong orientation towards business and the professional world.


The hybrid skills in data science and management offered by the post-baccalaureate program meet a strong demand from companies, by preparing students for specialized professions such as data analysts, data scientists, data strategists, etc., as well as for expert positions in marketing, finance and management, where mastery of data is central.

Course content

The Bachelor’s program combines a high-level approach to mathematics and computer science applied to data, with the development of business management skills in finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. The program also builds on a foundation of knowledge in the social sciences, to give graduates an in-depth understanding of the social, economic, legislative and geopolitical issues facing the world in which they will be working.


Courses are offered on the 3 Albert School campuses in Paris, Marseille and Lyon.


Post-baccalaureate admission to the Mines Paris – PSL / Albert School joint Bachelor program is not available through Parcoursup. The selection process is based on an analysis of the applicant’s file, a math/logic test and an interview. The selection rate is around 10%.


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Master of Science

  • A work-study program to acquire technical skills and a strategic vision of the company.


The Master’s program builds on the skills acquired in undergraduate programs, while reinforcing the professionalization dimension through work-study. The program is aimed at graduates of the Mines Paris – PSL Bachelor’s program, and more broadly at holders of a French or international Bachelor’s degree (engineering, science, business, management, economics, mathematics, political science, etc.).

Course content

The course is designed to deepen technical skills in data management and data science, while developing a strategic vision of the challenges facing companies as a result of the use of data.

The Master of Science offers 4 thematic specialization paths:

Msc Data for Business
Msc Data for Finance
Msc Data for Marketing
Msc Data for Sustainability


Courses are offered on Albert School’s 3 campuses in Paris, Marseille and Lyon.


The selection process is based on an analysis of the applicant’s file, followed by an interview.


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Mines Paris-PSL and Albert School are joining forces to offer joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in data science and management. The two establishments share the same values: to train graduates capable of helping companies face the major challenges of their time, and in particular those of digital transformation.