Located in the heart of Paris, Mines Paris – PSL offers its students a wide range of sporting activities thanks to the PSL establishment network.

A wide diversity of disciplines

  • Football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, tennis, squash, athletics, golf, bodybuilding, rowing and swimming are among others offered
  • Supervision is provided by around twenty PE teachers and by the Sports Office (BDS)
  • Sports facilities are mainly located at the Charléty Stadium and the Jean Sarrailh University Sports Center
  • Students participate in FFSU competitions as well as numerous tournaments such as the Cartel des Mines, the Challenge Centrale Lyon or the Coupe de l’X
  • Various specialized sports clubs complete the sports offering (sailing, skiing, etc.), and the Sports Office organizes other one-off events (outdoor weekends, mountain bike expeditions in the Alps, etc.)


Page of PSL Sport


Sport: compulsory course for the entire cycle

Students must practice a sport that they choose from a list of sports activities:

  • collective (football, handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby)
  • racket (badminton, tennis, squash, table tennis)
  • athletic performance (athletics, swimming, rowing, cardio-fitness, bodybuilding)
  • outdoor (climbing) or combat (boxing, French boxing)

BDS: an association for doing sport, but not only…

The Sports Office, or BDS, is the association that manages everything related to sport at Mines Paris – PSL.

In line with the Studies Department and the sports manager, the BDS supports all sporting activities and organizes outings through its various centers:

  • Pôle Outdoor: a small team to organize getaways such as mountain hikes in the Alps, surfing weekends in the South-West, climbing outings and hikes in the Paris region, etc.
  • Ticket Office: a team to find tickets for major sports competitions in France
  • Supporter Pole: a team to create an atmosphere and encourage athletes, whether minors or high-level athletes
  • Tournament Center: a center to organize the Mines tournament, the Cartel, or to participate in the competitions of other schools, Coupe de l’x, Challenge Centrale Lyon, etc.

Sports competitions: representing Mines Paris, meeting other schools

The Cartel des Mines

Meeting of all the mining schools of Europe and the Maghreb (Paris, Nancy, Saint-Etienne, Albi, Douai, Nantes, Alès, Vigo, Aviedo, Bochum, EMINES…) and bringing together more than 1,500 every year participants, the Cartel is the most anticipated sports tournament of the year! All these Minors meet in a fraternal atmosphere for four days and compete in around fifteen sports.


The X Cup

A major competition organised by the École Polytechnique, the Coupe de l’X welcomes nearly 2,000 engineering students from nineteen grandes écoles to compete in eighteen different sports.


Centrale Lyon Challenge

A major sports competition held on the Centrale Lyon campus in April, the Challenge brings together forty grandes écoles and nearly 3,000 participants over a weekend to defend the colours of their schools in around forty sports.


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