Mines Paris Alumni

Mines Paris Alumni is the association of Mines Paris – PSL graduates, whatever their diploma. It is a professional and friendly network, which shares the experiences of its members for the benefit of the network and society.
Mines Paris Alumni

The friendly association of former students of the École nationale supérieure des Mines de Paris was founded in 1864 and was recognized as being of public utility by decree of April 20, 1881. It brings together 17,000 members, throughout France and internationally. , in all economic sectors and all functions. It represents all graduates of the School, whatever their training cycle: former students Civil Engineers, Engineers of the Corps of Mines, graduates of Master of Science, Specialized Masters, ISUPFERE engineers or even Doctors graduated from the School of Mines from Paris.

The Association develops its activity in five directions:

  • Represent all former students of the School
  • Helping its members develop their careers
  • Help students find accommodation near the School
  • Support the action of the School Management
  • Contribute to the promotion of science and technology

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