Discover the opportunities for collaboration and innovation at Mines Paris – PSL thanks to our selection of pages dedicated to companies. Explore the possible synergies to shape the future of industry and research together.

    Since it was founded, Mines Paris – PSL has played a leading role in training engineers and generating knowledge to help companies meet the challenges...

  • Recruitment & employer brand

    Mines Paris – PSL fosters the development of strong, lasting relationships between its students and the business world, both with French and internati...

    Recruitment & employer brand
  • Corporate events

    Boost your visibility at Mines Paris – PSL through the many events organized by the BDE Entreprises. Get noticed and create opportunities for your com...

    Corporate events
  • Offer an internship or a job

    We’re offering you a simple, free way to reach our 1,500 students directly via a user-friendly, open-access platform.

    Offer an internship or a job
  • Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

    VAE is an individual right enshrined in the French Labor Code.

    Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)
  • Sponsorship

    To maintain the excellence of Mines Paris – PSL and continue to push back the frontiers of innovation in higher education and research, financial supp...

  • The apprenticeship Tax

    Contribute to the training of your future talent and to the reputation of your school by allocating the balance of your apprenticeship tax.

    The apprenticeship Tax
  • Executive Education

    Executive Education at Mines Paris – PSL delivers programs of excellence to companies and stakeholders in the public and private sectors, with a broad...

    Executive Education
  • Collaborative research

    Mines Paris – PSL has always had strong links with companies. Cooperation between Mines Paris – PSL and ARMINES has strengthened the intensity of rese...

    Collaborative research
  • Recruitment

    In the field of research, Mines Paris – PSL focuses on three essential missions: teaching through research, practical research and active collaboratio...

  • Entrepreneurship

    Mines Paris – PSL, one of France’s leading engineering schools, has a strong entrepreneurial culture, which is reflected in all of its courses and in ...

  • Activity reports

    Discover the excellence and innovation at the heart of Mines Paris – PSL through our activity reports. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of our in...

    Activity reports
  • Jobs and internships

    Des personnels administratifs, techniques et fonctions support participent aux côtés des enseignants, des chercheurs et des techniciens de recherche à...

    Jobs and internships
  • Mines Paris Foundation

    To maintain the quality of its teaching and continue to shine, the École des Mines works with the Fondation Mines Paris and invests in the future. Bui...

    Mines Paris Foundation
  • Mines Paris Alumni

    Mines Paris Alumni is the association of Mines Paris – PSL graduates, whatever their diploma. It is a professional and friendly network, which shares ...

    Mines Paris Alumni
  • Partners

    Mines Paris – PSL cultivates numerous partnerships and is integrated into networks designed to support the School’s ambitions and offer its students i...

  • A strategy to meet the major challenges of our time

    To increase its visibility and capitalise on PSL as an accelerator of its ambitions, Mines Paris – PSL has updated its strategic plan for 2022, which ...

    A strategy to meet the major challenges of our time
  • Social and environmental responsibility

    For more than 30 years, since the creation of the Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie et de gestion de l’environnement (ISIGE), a pioneering institute in ...

    Social and environmental responsibility
  • Objective and Performance Contract (COP)

    On Monday 18 December, Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate for Industry, signed the School’s Performance and Objectives Contract (COP). It sets out the ...

    Objective and Performance Contract (COP)