Social and environmental responsibility

For more than 30 years, since the creation of the Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie et de gestion de l’environnement (ISIGE), a pioneering institute in the field of sustainable development, Mines Paris – PSL has been committed to environmental innovation in order to drive the energy and ecological transition.

Putting research and teaching at the heart of the climate challenge

Mines Paris-PSL has been a forerunner in this field, redesigning the Civil Engineering curriculum starting in 2019, and reorganizing courses around major environmental issues, such as the compulsory “Earth and Society” course that opens the curriculum. The aim is to train engineers who are ready to make a commitment to industry without giving up their quest for meaning and their desire to make a concrete contribution to the transition to a carbon-neutral world.

In 2022, when it updated its strategy, the Shool clearly federated its research forces around The Transition Institute 1.5 (TTI.5) to provide enlightened scientific answers to the challenge of carbon neutrality.

Training engineers for the 21st century means preparing our students to become promoters of sustainable, ecological and societal development.

Reducing the School’s carbon footprint

Mines Paris-PSL is implementing a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, such as the major energy renovation work of the Grand Quartz project. Financed by the France Relance government’s plan and  achieved in 2023, this project has reduced the energy consumption of the historic building on Boulevard Saint-Michel by 30%. Other initiatives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings are being carried out on our various campuses, such as the construction of the Versailles Satory innovation campus to the highest standards, and the installation of photovoltaic panels on the Fontainebleau campus.

Mines Paris-PSL is also committed to reducing the impact of mobility, with the introduction of an active mobility package to encourage staff to use soft modes of transport, and a “travel” policy that favours alternatives that emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Diversity and inclusivity

Promoting social and gender diversity

Social equity and equal opportunity are key strategic priorities at Mines Paris PSL. They are supported by a system of scholarships and measures aimed at the most disadvantaged backgrounds. For example, the percentage of engineering students receiving scholarships has risen to 27% by 2022.

Increasing the number of students in our engineering programs (a 30% increase in the number of students in the Civil Engineering program is planned) while diversifying admission procedures to better meet the challenges of  diversity.

This opening also goes hand in hand with commitments to high school students and young people in general, to raise awareness of science and scientific careers. The school is currently involved in 8 Cordées de la réussite (equal opportunity programs) on its various campuses.


Supporting disabled people

In terms of inclusivity, Mines Paris – PSL provides specific facilities to welcome and support students with disabilities throughout their academic career.

The School, along with PSL University, also deploys an active policy of health prevention, whether physical and/or psychological.

It is particularly involved in preventing and combating sexist and sexual violence.


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    Mines Paris-PSL federates and structures its research forces around major strategic challenges

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