PSL, our university

The arts, sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences are at the heart of PSL’s intellectual and scientific ambitions.
An international university, rooted in interdisciplinarity, selective, committed to promoting talent and equal opportunities, PSL is creating the world of tomorrow.

A reputation for excellence worldwide

Belonging to Université PSL is an opportunity for Mines Paris students to gain access to a wider range of courses and diversified career paths within the best Parisian institutions.

PSL’s international reputation for excellence enhances the value of the degrees awarded.

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Mines Paris – PSL shares Université PSL’s mission statement. Selective and committed to equal opportunity, it trains researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers and managers who are aware of their individual and collective social responsibility.


Université PSL in the top 50 of major international rankings


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PSL is supported by 3 national research organizations: CNRS, Inria and Inserm.

  • Mines Paris – PSL

  • Collège de France

  • Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique – PSL

  • École nationale des chartes – PSL

  • École nationale supérieure de Chimie de Paris – PSL

  • École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris – Malaquais

  • École des arts décoratifs

  • École normale supérieure – PSL

  • École Pratique des Hautes Études – PSL

  • ESPCI Paris – PSL

  • Institut Curie

  • Observatoire de Paris – PSL

  • Paris-Dauphine – PSL

The synergies organized within the PSL research ecosystem give it a scientific potential comparable to that of the world’s most powerful research clusters.

On a day-to-day basis, Université PSL deploys shared support services such as the internal School for staff, housing, health, sports and cultural services for students, and the center for pedagogical innovation for teachers. They all contribute to enriching the experience of those who make up the university.


Mines Paris – PSL contributes to Université PSL through a number of programs and activities

Mines Paris – PSL contribue à l’Université PSL en portant un certain nombre de programmes et d’activités

The School is responsible for coordinating the PSL School of Engineering, which aims to :

  • develop new joint training degrees, such as the Bachelor of Engineering;
  • share teaching practices and resources, and coordinates with graduate programs;
  • increase incoming and outgoing student mobility, notably by deploying a pilot recruitment program in Europe;
  • develop a brand with national and international visibility and manage partnerships;
  • develop monitoring and forecasting activities for engineering training.

Mines Paris – PSL plays an active role in the teaching activities, offering a wide range of courses as part of PSL weeks. The school has also created and operates a shared language center.

Furthermore Mines Paris – PSL contributes to the structuring of the training and research offering of Université PSL. The school is responsible for the Engineering, Applied Sciences and Innovation (ISAI) graduate program. Within this framework, it operates the Energy Master’s program and participates in 9 other Master’s programs in various disciplines (computer science, economic and social sciences, earth sciences, health engineering, etc.).

Mines Paris – PSL is also responsible for the  doctoral school Systems, Materials, Mechanics and Energy Engineering  (ISMME) within the PSL doctoral college, offering doctoral students top-level scientific supervision and preparation for professional integration.

In terms of student life, Mines Paris – PSL is a stakeholder in the PSL Cordées de la réussite equal opportunity program  and contributes to the development of inter-institutional student activities.



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