As part of the Université PSL, Mines Paris – PSL offers undergraduate courses, integrated into the Cycle Pluridisciplinaire d’Études Supérieures (CPES) and the licence PSL Sciences pour un monde durable.
The degrees awarded are PSL degrees.

The Collège Sciences, Humanités et Société of Université PSL offers 5 multi-disciplinary bachelor’s degree courses that enable students to personalize their curriculum and freely explore academic knowledge across disciplinary silos. Closely aligned with major societal issues (sustainable development, education, etc.), they offer cultural openness, project-based teaching and an introduction to research. They are based on a principle of progressive specialization, with teaching in small groups.


4 CPES (Cycle Pluridisciplinaire d’Études Supérieures) courses:

The CPES, the result of collaboration between PSL University and the Lycées Henri-IV et Louis-Le-Grand, is a demanding and selective undergraduate program located in the heart of Paris.

Supported by France’s most internationally renowned institutions, the CPES aims to train students with exceptional potential, who are both creative and daring. Its main objective is to reveal the future decision-makers, researchers and entrepreneurs of the economic, academic and cultural worlds.

At the heart of the CPES identity lies an innovative pedagogical approach, characterized by a hybridization between classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles and university.

The program favors progressive specialization, interdisciplinarity and early immersion in the world of research, to stimulate innovation, reflection and creativity in students.

3 courses in partnership with the Lycée Henri-IV

1 course in partnership with Lycée Louis-Le-Grand

1 “Science for a sustainable world” course

This bachelor’s degree, entirely dedicated to the issues and challenges of sustainable development, adopts an active, multidisciplinary pedagogical approach to explore all the sciences required to analyze the impact of human activities on the planet and society, at different scales, from local to global. The program, taught in French and English, is based on three scientific pillars: mathematics and data science; natural, material and life sciences; and economics and social sciences.



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