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Discover the world of Mines Paris – PSL as an outside person through our selection of dedicated pages. Immerse yourself in our institution’s innovations, cutting-edge research and initiatives, and discover our academic excellence.

    Supporting ecological and digital transitions Since it was founded 240 years ago, Mines Paris – PSL has been training engineers and producing essentia...

  • The Mineralogy Museum

    For more than 200 years, in the Hôtel de Vendôme, the mineralogical collections of Mines Paris – PSL have been among the most comprehensive and specta...

    The Mineralogy Museum
  • Library

    The library, which has been part of École des Mines since its earliest days, holds around 200,000 physical documents and over 200 million documents on...

  • The Presses des Mines

    The Presses des Mines, in close collaboration with researchers at Mines Paris – PSL, is offering a new publishing solution tailored to high-level scie...

    The Presses des Mines
  • Our history

    The School was founded in 1783, at a time when mining was the high-tech industry par excellence, and the focus was on the safety of personnel, economi...

    Our history
  • PSL, our university

    The arts, sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences are at the heart of PSL’s intellectual and scientific ambitions. An international univ...

    PSL, our university
  • Governance

    Mines Paris – PSL (École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris) is a public scientific, cultural and professional establishment, in the form of a gr...

  • 2 transition institutes

    Mines Paris-PSL federates and structures its research forces around major strategic challenges

    2 transition institutes
  • Campus

    Mines Paris – PSL has 5 sites in France. In 2025, an innovation campus will open in Versailles-Satory.

  • Mines Paris Foundation

    To maintain the quality of its teaching and continue to shine, the École des Mines works with the Fondation Mines Paris and invests in the future. Bui...

    Mines Paris Foundation
  • Mines Paris Alumni

    Mines Paris Alumni is the association of Mines Paris – PSL graduates, whatever their diploma. It is a professional and friendly network, which shares ...

    Mines Paris Alumni
  • A strategy to meet the major challenges of our time

    To increase its visibility and capitalise on PSL as an accelerator of its ambitions, Mines Paris – PSL has updated its strategic plan for 2022, which ...

    A strategy to meet the major challenges of our time
  • Equality Diversity Inclusivity

    Mines Paris – PSL is committed to equality in all its forms. The School is committed to promoting equality between men and women, combating harassment...

    Equality Diversity Inclusivity
  • Social and environmental responsibility

    For more than 30 years, since the creation of the Institut Supérieur d’Ingénierie et de gestion de l’environnement (ISIGE), a pioneering institute in ...

    Social and environmental responsibility
  • Partners

    Mines Paris – PSL cultivates numerous partnerships and is integrated into networks designed to support the School’s ambitions and offer its students i...

  • Official documentation

    Welcome to the page dedicated to the documentary resources of Mines Paris – PSL. This page is designed to facilitate access to essential information f...

    Official documentation