The Scientific Advisory Board

The creation of a Scientific Advisory Board is a response to the need for advice at a time when structuring choices need to be made in terms of scientific priorities, in order to draw the necessary conclusions in terms of human resources management and the prioritization of scientific investments.


This board, made up of 9 external personalities from academia and industry, and the heads of the School’s teaching and research departments, reports to the General Management and regularly to the Board of Directors.



Professor of Materials Science, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL)


External personalities

  • Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, President European Research Council (2014-2019), Honorary Professor,  IHES, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS
  • Annabelle GAWER, Head of the Department of Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Surrey, UK
  • Isabelle GUERIN, Research director at IRD-Cessma (Paris), Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton)
  • François MARECHAL, Full Professor – Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).
  • Christian PICOLLET, Corporate Vice President, R&T , SAFRAN Group
  •  Marc SCHOENAUER, Research Director TAU Project Team, INRIA Paris-Saclay
  •  Marie-Noëlle SEMERIA, Research and Development Director, TOTAL Group
  • Pierre TOULHOAT, President of the Scientific Advisory Board, ANDRA

Direction Mines Paris – PSL

  • Michel SCHMITT, acting General Manager
  • Agnès LABOUDIGUE, acting director of Research

Responsables des départements

  • Michel BELLET, Departement of Mechanical & Materials engineering
  • Jérôme DENIS, Department of Economics, Management & Society
  • Vincent LAGNEAU, Departement of Earth Sciences and Environment
  • Jesus Angulo LOPEZ, Departement of Mathematics & Systems
  •  Philippe BLANC, Departement of Energy & Processes