Cultural life

Mines Paris – PSL is exceptionally fortunate to be located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, renowned for its vibrant intellectual and cultural life. Theaters, cinemas, museums and restaurants are all nearby.

The Quartier Latin: a cultural breeding ground accessible to minors

The Quartier Latin, famous for its intellectual and artistic life, is a little corner of paradise in the heart of Paris, on the left bank of the Seine. It’s a must for students in search of culture and history. Less than 15 minutes away by bike, museums, cinemas, theatres, monuments and gardens offer art lovers an extraordinary choice.

Restaurants, bars… all add to the rhythm of life in the capital’s liveliest arrondissement! What’s more, the Bureau des Arts can get you discounted tickets for shows, visits… in the evening or at weekends.


The BDA: a cultural association in a museum city

The Bureau des Arts (BDA) invites engineering students who wish to take part in this cultural effervescence and helps them to discover or rediscover all that the capital has to offer in the way of art in all its forms! Thanks to the BDA, students regularly benefit from very low-priced tickets to concerts, plays, operas, ballets, jazz sessions, film festivals, etc.

Le BDA travaille en lien étroit avec le Département Langues, Culture & Interculturel de l’École qui propose des activités autour de l’image, du son, la couleur et le terroir. L’approche développée est pluridisciplinaire et implique aussi bien des centres de recherche de l’École des Mines de Paris et/ou de PSL que des institutions culturelles (Musée de la musique, musée du Louvre, Palais de Tokyo…).

L’objectif est de proposer aux élèves ingénieurs des contenus leur permettant de se situer dans des domaines qui ne leur sont pas forcément familiers mais qui leur sont chers tout en mettant à profit l’environnement unique dont ils disposent.



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