At Mines Paris – PSL, it’s the associations that set the pace for student life. There are more than thirty of them, and they are so diverse and varied that there is something for everyone: each Minor participates in an average of 3.7 associations in the second year. How is this possible?

With a class of around 130 students, there is no need to select the members of an association: anyone can join most of the associations without restriction. The associations are managed entirely by the Miners, so they adapt to the different classes: each year, new ideas emerge and the size of the associations varies.

At Mines Paris – PSL, the vitality of community life is the distinctive feature of its modest-sized promotions. The considerable number and diversity of student associations offer each student the opportunity to get involved in those that inspire them. On average, a Mines student actively participates in three associations, thus contributing to an exceptionally enriching extra-curricular life.

Associative commitment, strongly encouraged by the Education Department, constitutes a real springboard for students insofar as it allows them to develop:

  • skills that are both professional: project management, budget management, logistics, negotiation, fundraising, etc., and human: leadership, communication, networking (students, businesses, partners, etc.)
    real intrinsic qualities: listening, taking initiative, sense of commitment…

This action-based learning offers the opportunity to immerse students in concrete and operational practice and thus discover their motivations and their potential, learn from their mistakes, identify their limits, implement corrective actions, etc.

With exciting courses, a rich community life and the whole Latin Quarter to explore: one thing’s for sure, at Les Mines you won’t have time to get bored! You’ll also be able to discover the joys of a small class where everyone knows each other and friendships blossom, and take full advantage of all the opportunities the school has to offer.

Salomé Brichet (P23)

The Abatage 2024


L’Abatage is the association responsible for writing this brochure, the aim of which is to encourage students to join the fine school that is Mines Paris – PSL by sharing what is closest to the hearts of Mines de Paris students.

Blasting also means extracting rock from the massif in the mine (the real one, underground) and breaking it up to handle and transport it. There’s very little chance of doing this at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, even as part of a geology course.

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The club to know: Minky Way

Minky Way is the Student Office (BDE) of Mines Paris – PSL. More than just an association, it is a group of twenty-four miners who oversee student life at the school, whether in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of the Civil Engineering Cycle. The members occupy a variety of positions, but always work together. They are divided into different sections:

  • The Office, chaired by Salomé Brichet, President
  • The Corporate Department, which approaches companies to finance student life at Mines Paris
  • Pôle Interne organises evenings at THE house of the student, la Meuh
  • Pôle Externe looks for the best party venues in Paris


Sponsorship: a key stage in your integration into the Mines family


At the beginning of the year, each 2A (2nd year student) chooses a “fillot” or “fillote” from among the 1A (1st year students) who have just arrived at Mines Paris – PSL. This is followed at the end of September/beginning of October by the two-week sponsorship period, during which each 1A must take up the challenges sent by his or her sponsor to discover his or her identity. These challenges are an opportunity to get to know their class better, share memories and expand the Mines family, all in a friendly atmosphere.

Once the identity of the godparent has been discovered, the 1As meet the Miners’ family to which they belong (grandparent, great-grandparent, etc.). This intense period culminates in a gala event that brings all the graduating classes together in an exceptional setting. The Gala de Parrainage is also an opportunity to rub shoulders with the young alumni, who are ready to share their memories or relive their lives as students.

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