DMS Specialized Master

The Specialized Master (SM) from Mines Paris – PSL offers an opportunity to specialize or acquire dual skills that are immediately operational in the workplace.

Dual specialization in mechanics and materials

The DMS SM offers students advanced technical expertise in mechanics and materials, as well as skills in managing research and development teams. It also provides training in project management at all stages of technical production.
Teaching covers physical, mechanical and non-mechanical properties, as well as the dimensioning of industrial parts. At the material level, properties are analyzed in relation to manufacturing processes, the microstructures generated and the environments in which the structures are used.

Cutting-edge teaching in every field

Sectors of activity include materials (development, production), energy (electricity, gas, oil, nuclear, new energies), transport (automotive, railroads, aeronautics), space and microelectronics.
The program is divided into two six-month periods, one devoted to teaching and the other to the professional mission, including thesis preparation and defense.

  • Location: Evry
  • Center: Centre des Matériaux (CMAT)
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Languages: French
  • Cost: €25,000 paid by the company hosting the student.


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