Industrial chairs

Chairs funded by industry aim to promote academic excellence in research and teaching, and innovation for all. A Chair is a project run by the School’s research centres, possibly in association with other schools or research bodies, and includes one or more industrial partners.

Mechanics and materials

TOPAZE – ANR Safran Chair


Topaze website

Thanks to the performance of its materials, Topaze is helping to optimise the efficiency of aircraft engines and reduce their impact on the environment, a strategic challenge for Safran and the entire air transport sector.




RealIMotion website

RealIMotion is pushing back the boundaries of numerical metallurgy and developing a promising new numerical framework combined with a physics-based machine learning strategy to target massive calculations, taking into account much larger volumes of materials, in conjunction with macroscopic simulations and always with reasonable calculation times.




MESSIAH website

MESSIAH is proposing to use mini-tests machined from coupons extracted from installations to assess and monitor toughness in service. These in situ coupons will be small (thickness: 1-3 mm, surface area: a few cm2).




Chair page

La chaire industrielle TwinHeat prévoit un cadre numérique couplé à l’intelligence artificielle pour concevoir de nouveaux fours pour fondre le verre et optimiser le contrôle des fours existants.


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