[Symposium] How can industries operate through AI ACT?

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Du 13 June au 14 May

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created a range of new opportunities and challenges for industries and societies worldwide. In response to these developments, the European Union has recently introduced a new regulatory framework, the AI ACT, which aims to ensure the responsible use and development of AI technologies in the EU.

How will AI ACT emerge and affect the industrial sector?

The EU’s AI ACT represents a major regulatory shift in the use and development of AI technologies in Europe. This section of the conference will explore the potential impact of the AI ACT on various industries in the EU. We will discuss the key provisions of AI ACT, and how businesses and policymakers can prepare for the regulatory changes ahead.

Manual jobs: what is their future through AI?

The rise of AI together with societal changes has raised concerns about the future of manual jobs, the preservation and transmission of “savoir-faire” but also the integration in the production processes of novel tools, such as collaborative robotics, IoT, etc. This section of the conference will explore cutting edge technologies with a particular focus on the use of Human-centered AI, human motion capturing, computational and human monitoring methodologies, robotics etc. We’ll discuss the potential benefits and challenges of AI for manual jobs, but also practical, ethical and legal difficulties for their implementation.

Can AI ACT be harmful for creative industries? How can they adapt and adjust?

While AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries, there are concerns that it may harm creative industries with production lines that rely on human ingenuity and expertise. In this section we will discuss the challenges of using AI in creative industries within the framework defined by AI ACT, as well as how businesses can adapt and adjust to these changes while preserving the value of human work.

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