Taking action against gender-based and sexual violence

Published on 21 February 2024
Cellule d'écoute PSL.
At the École des Mines de Paris, sexist and sexual violence, harassment, discrimination and hazing cannot be tolerated.

At the Human Resources Conference on 16 November 2021, PSL University voted in favour of a major training plan to prevent sexist and sexual violence, harassment and discrimination, aimed at staff and the student community.

This training plan will strengthen the listening and monitoring system already in place at Mines Paris and within PSL University.

Launch of a major training plan

Supported by PSL’s in-house school, the courses are open to everyone and cover sexist and sexual issues, harassment and discrimination.

Different modules will be offered, which will evolve according to the requests and needs expressed:

  • Modules for supervisory and support staff (both administrative and academic) on the specific risks associated with sexual and gender-based violence, harassment, discrimination and psychosocial risks (RPS).
  • Specific modules for students in charge of associations.
  • Specific modules for academic staff supervising students.
  • Specific training for n+3 staff.

This plan provides for compulsory awareness training in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence and discrimination for all new arrivals, from the start of the 2022 academic year.

This is part of a wider action plan on gender equality in the workplace.

Listening and monitoring units

Our PSL university has a listening and monitoring unit made up of equality referents from PSL establishments, its vice-president for student life and social responsibility, Florence Benoit-Moreau, and other members of the teaching, student, scientific and administrative communities. The task of this unit is to facilitate the reporting of situations of sexist and sexual violence, harassment, hazing and discrimination.