Claude Tadonki, guest at UFF, Niteroi, Brazil

Published on 21 February 2024
Claude Tadonki
Cooperation between France and Brazil in high-performance computing.

Claude Tadonki, a lecturer and researcher at the Centre de recherche en nformatique (CRI) at Mines Paris – PSL, has been welcomed as a visiting professor at the Universidade Federal Fluminence (UFF) in Niteroi, Brazil. In April 2023, he has been invited to take part in a high-performance computing workshop as part of the cooperation between France and Brazil, more specifically the Inria-Brazil initiative.

This expertise initiative will showcase the CRI’s skills in high-performance computing, a key area for the IT industry and its applications.
This photo shows the main participants in this workshop, which was held at the Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica (LNCC) in Petropolis in the Rio de Janeiro area.