240 years: more than two centuries of economic and social change

Published on 21 February 2024
On Thursday 7 December, Mines Paris – PSL celebrated the 240th anniversary of the School and the entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterised it.

First floor, from left to right : Romain Nicoli, Co-founder of Pigment and Critéo; Jules Marcilhacy, Co-founder of Cuure; Eléonore Crespo, Co-founder of Pigment; Pierre Pringet, former Chairman of Pernod-Ricard; Jacques Aschenbroich, Chairman of the Board of Orange; Marc Fossier, Chairman of the Fondation Mines Paris-PSL; Céline Béji, CEO of My Treatment; Bruno Adhémar, CEO of Sublime Energie; Claude Imauven, Chairman of Orano; Mohedine Wehbie, CEO of Recy-led; Eloi de Cossé Brissac Co-founder of Spes Salutis.

On the second floor, from left to right : Cédric Prunier, Director of Development at Mines Paris-PSL; Sylvain Blanc, CEO of Kenzo Mode; Federico Fortis, co-founder of Kleep; Luc Rousseau, Vice-Chairman of the Conseil Général de l’Economie; Agathe Chauvel, President of the Bureau des Elèves; Florence Verzelen, Deputy Managing Director of Dassault System; Vincent Laflèche, Managing Director of Mines Paris-PSL; Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO of SNCF; Raphaël Tolédano, Co-founder of Cartage; Ariane Valare, Co-founder of SmartBack; Olivier Andriès, CEO of Safran; Victor Renard, Co-founder of Spes Salutis; Philippe Kalousdian, CEO of ISlean and President of Mines Paris Alumnis; Philippe Mustar, Professor at Mines Paris-PSL.

Already 240 years at the service of transforming the economy and society!

On Thursday 7 December 2023, Mines Paris – PSL celebrated the School’s 240th anniversary and paid tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterised it by bringing together several of its graduates, directors of major groups and company founders, who were able to talk about their commitment to the major changes of the 21st century.


Since it was founded 240 years ago, Mines Paris – PSL has been training engineers and producing the knowledge that is essential to helping companies meet the challenges of their time. Originally, the challenges of mining to produce the energy needed for major industrialisation; today, the challenges of digital transformation and ecological transition.

Vincent Laflèche, Managing Director, Mines Paris – PSL



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