[Café des Sciences Moebius] Neuroengineering for speech disorders

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8 March

Meet Sophie Boutin, researcher at the Institut Pasteur, on Friday March 8 at 6pm at the Bibliothèque Mines Paris – PSL at Fontainebleau.


Welcome to a field where science and technology meet to open up new horizons in the understanding and treatment of speech and language disorders. Our team at the Institut de l’Audition (Institut Pasteur) is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of neural oscillations, the vital rhythms that orchestrate communication within our brains.

Neural oscillations are not mere electrical manifestations; they are the conductors of our brains, coordinating processes as complex as speech and language. Understanding how these rhythms influence the way the brain encodes speech is crucial to deciphering the riddles of communication disorders. Neuroengineering is proving an invaluable ally in this quest. By exploiting the unique properties of neural oscillations, we are developing innovative tools for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of speech disorders.

Sophie Bouton is a researcher at the Institut Pasteur’s Hearing Institute. She is fascinated by the mysteries of the brain, in particular how it enables us to understand and speak.
Her aim? To use this knowledge to help people with language disorders, such as dyslexia or certain autism spectrum disorders.


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The Café des Sciences

These scientific meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 6pm at the Bibliothèque Mines Paris – PSL, 38 Rue Saint-Honoré, Fontainebleau. The format takes the form of a one-hour scientific talk by a researcher on a specific topic, followed by a debate with the audience.

The aim of these events is to:

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Practical informations :

Date : Friday, March 8, 2024
Time : 6 p.m.
Location : Bibliothèque Mines Paris – PSL, 38 Rue Saint-Honoré, Fontainebleau 77300